Stop tooth decay

You can stop tooth decay now!

Question. Where does tooth decay occur?
Answer: 90% between the teeth at the contacts.

Question: Why does it occur?
Answer: Due to the development of bacteria streptococcus mutans

Question: How does it occur?
Answer: The bacteria eat carbohydrates and excrete an acid PH of approximately 3.5 (very acid) which etched a hole in the enamel. The bacteria are anaerobic and acidophilic – it lives in the etched hole it creates and keeps enlarging the hole until no tooth is left. It likes the enamel-dentin (inside of the tooth) environment.

Question: How do we stop it?
Answer: Floss the contacts once a day.

The floss brings neutral saliva PH to contacts which reduces the acid level (Ph 3.5) and therefore reduces acid etching (holes) from forming an enamel of contact points.

The floss also brings oxygen to contact with the anaerobic bacteria and since aerobic – lives without oxygen), the oxygen kills the bacteria).