Cosmetic whitening to improve your teeth

Yellow or stained teeth?

If yellowed or stained teeth are keeping you from looking and feeling your best, cosmetic whitening may be the answer you are looking for. Our clinics offer different types of whitening, including a custom bleaching kit, the Kor Whitening System and Liquid Smile whitening pens, which can all be done conveniently at home and provide beautiful, professional results.

What to Expect

At-home whitening is easy and fast. After regular brushing and flossing, the whitening pen or tray is applied as per the directions. Some side effects of whitening include sensitivity and irritation to teeth and gums, which can usually be alleviated by certain procedures and toothpastes designed to treat sensitive teeth. It is important to note that fillings, crowns, bridges and other artificial teeth will not be whitened and may need to be replaced to match the new shade of your teeth.


You can expect to notice a whiter, brighter more confident smile in a few weeks, and with proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits you can maintain your dazzling smile for as long as you want.