We’ve had phenomenal service I owe my winning smile to him!

What can I say about Dr.MacDonald, I know him to be a fantastic person and a wonderful Dentist! He’s taking care of myself and my family and my children/grandchildren over the last 40 years. We’ve had phenomenal service, I owe my winning smile to him!

Let me give you a little background on my experience with dentists in the past. As a 10- year-old child I had to go to the Dentist on my own to have a tooth pulled and the dentist I went to was very abrupt, he was not a gentle person giving me freezing, in about a minute after he gave it to me he pulled my tooth out so I was left there crying in pain it didn’t have time to numb which left a bad impression on me for going to the dentist office.

Dr. MacDonald calmed all my fears I call him the king because he’s the specialist at giving anesthetic, with almost minimal to zero discomforts. He’s helped me make good choices concerning my teeth, I’ve had some cosmetic dentistry done he was the first person to take all my fillings out and change them to white and has guided me through all my choices. I’ve only been very happy with him as a person and as a specialist and he is a genius and an artist I can’t say enough good things about it he knows how to shape your mouth perfectly to your face!


Bettee Giles