TMJ and bruxism


Do you suffer from pain in your face, jaw, or teeth, have trouble chewing, or hear popping and clicking noises in your jaw? Can you see your teeth shortening or chipping? These could all be symptoms of a temporo-mandibular disorder (also known as TMD). TMD describes a range of problems related to the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ).  There are a variety of treatments of TMD, including a custom TMJ appliance. These appliances will also protect the teeth if you are a night grinder.

What to Expect

This appliance is a stabilization splint or guard made of plastic that fits over the upper or lower teeth, usually worn at night. The appliance is made over two appointments. The first appointment will begin by taking impressions of your teeth that are made into models. Other things such as measurements and a bite registration may also be done. Everything will then be sent to a lab where your appliance will be created. You will return to the clinic in about two weeks for a second appointment to try the appliance on and have it adjusted as needed, and will be given instructions on how to wear it and care for it.


You should expect to have relief of pain and symptoms of TMD after wearing the appliance for several weeks. It can help release tension from ligaments and muscles in the jaw, prevent grinding and clenching, and improve teeth occlusion (bite). It is important to work with the dentist to ensure optimal fit and function of the appliance. Appliances can last anywhere from 2 to 10 years or more with proper care. It is important to clean the appliance regularly with toothpaste and a quality cleaner to disinfect and prevent yellowing. It is important to store the appliance in the case it comes with to prevent animals or children from getting a-hold of it and destroying it. It may be required to make other lifestyle changes, such as diet or physiotherapy, along with the appliance for the best results.  Contact our clinics today to learn how our staff can work with you to make your life pain-free.