That tongue

That tongue…

Interesting muscle, the only muscle in the body that has a free end and can move in 3 directions, and in some people can form a tunnel up or down. WOW. It gets in trouble, we misuse it; we burn it, we bite it, we spice it up and we smoke it (re: like bacon) and yes, we infect it.

If you smoke or have a post-nasal drip (which lands on the back of the tongue) yuk, gross. We have tongue scrapers and brushes that clean that white stuff off. So stick the tongue out as far as you can and scrape it off. A natural antifungal and cleanser of the tongue is sugarless cranberry juice. We get virus ulcers, fungus, and yes cancer especially on the bottom side of the tongue. So Jodie, Ashley and I check your tongue carefully every time you come in. Be careful with that tongue.

Dr. Al