Dr. Macdonald has not only improved not only my teeth, but also my overall health! Although my teeth were never very crooked, my back molars were impacted and caused me to have severe migraine headaches that would keep me at home, missing both school and social events with friends.

Through orthodontic treatment with SPEED braces and Dr. Macdonald’s skills, he corrected my problem quickly and effectively. The office receptionist was always able to book appointments that were convenient for me, and address any concerns I had with my braces. I had my braces off in a little over a year and could not be happier!

I now have a perfectly straight smile, and best of all no longer suffer from migraines! Now that I am an adult, my teeth are still beautiful and I enjoy visiting the office every six months for my checkup.

Thanks to Dr. Macdonald and his knowledgeable staff, my overall health has improved dramatically and I have the confidence to smile.

Sarah VanSickle

Dr. MacDonald has changed my life! Through Dr. MacDonald’s expertise and passion for his craft, I have a gorgeous smile! As a happy young girl I knew that my smile needed something extra and I was delighted that Invisalign braces were available to help me change my smile into a fantastic one!

I am a dancer and performer, and throughout competitions and auditions I did not have to feel subconscious of having metal braces show in my smile, or have the discomfort of them, my Invisalign braces were invisible and changed my smile into a gorgeous one! My smile has given me the confidence to perform with the National Ballet of Cuba and now into my next level of studies in the Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts Dance Program at York University in Toronto Ontario.

Recently I was featured in The Hamilton Spectator’s “State of the Arts“, introducing interesting and unique upcoming young artists in the area. I am truly grateful to have had the privilege of Dr. MacDonald helping me to improve and be proud of my excellent smile!

Juliana Roman

I really like Dr. Macdonald’s straightforward explanations and real-world approach to dentistry with a great sense of humor besides. I also find that the ladies who run the office and those who perform the support workers are also very helpful and professional. Grand River Dental takes the “bite” out of going to the dentist!

Carlo Algera

Best dentist I’ve ever been to. Friendly staff, short wait times and an all around relaxed atmosphere. I would recommend this dentist office to anyone that usually wont go to the dentist.

David Johnson

I have been going to Dr. MacDonald since I was a teenager, some 40 odd years ago. Always professional, and interested in the patient’s well being. The entire staff has always been friendly. Unlike most doctors today I always like to receive the courtesy call to remind me of my next appointment. You are not likely to find a better place that genuinely takes care of all of your dental needs.

Robert Evans

I have been treated by Dr. Macdonald for many years. I have always received excellent care and advice from him. His staff has always been very helpful and his office is very comfortable and welcoming for adults and children alike. Dr. Macdonald has an excellent chair-side manner and shows great concern for my oral health.

Brian Gravelle

My boys and I have been going to Grand River Dental since moving to Caledonia over 4 years ago. Overall I have been pleased with both the office staff and the dental staff. I would like to see the office become a bit more kid-friendly. Little things can make the experience less stressful for kids. I suggest providing cartoons on the monitors while the kids are getting work done. I also think more praise and a possible cavity-free wall of fame may make the office more child-friendly.

Lisa Isherwood

Dr. MacDonald has done invisalign braces for my son. We are extremely happy with the results. He is a very caring dentist who took the time to explain and teach how to care for my son’s teeth. We recommend Dr. MacDonald to friends and family. His team of hygienists/receptionist are excellent and the office operates extremely efficiently. Thank you for the outstanding experience!

Jane Ross

My boys have been using this office for several years, they both experienced their first visit in your office. They both enjoy attending. The office space is a bit cramped and I feel more communication between the dentist and parents would be beneficial, talking about things such as sealants, and further protection. The staff are very friendly and professional. My children are looking forward to attending for years to come. The experience has been positive which in my opinion is key to managing their dental health. I even as an adult have an extreme fear of the dentist and have avoided important dental work due to my fear. It’s important to me that my kids do not have the same fear and thus far they enjoy their experience.

Tamara Putland

My family and I have been using Grand River Dental for about 15 years. I have found Dr. MacDonald to be an excellent dentist that strives for perfection in the work he does. He is caring about his patients and has even gone as far as giving a follow up call the day after major work has been done. Quick help is always available for after hours emergencies via a cell phone number he makes available to patients. The assistants and hygienists are always professional and thorough – a sign of high hiring standards. I have found the office to be great with kids (I have had 3 children go there). Grand River Dental has also always been supportive of the community. I highly recommend Grand River Dental!

Dave Elgin

I have been a client for over 20 years. Dr. Al has also attended to my three sons starting with their first checkup! We are treated as very special people by everyone there every time we come in. The ladies who take care of the paperwork make my life so much easier. Dr. Al believes in prevention, prevention, prevention !! He searches for the best, newest and most painless technology available, and will patiently explain any procedure. I really like that about him. The staff at Grand River are probably the most knowledgeable you could meet, as Dr. Al shares his skills unselfishly. I believe this helps the client in the end as knowledge is always useful. With that being said, I can only echo Dr. Al by saying “Thank God for Jody”! As an aside, I especially appreciate my relationship with Dr. Al as he and I enjoy the same taste in music! My best regards to all at Grand River Dental!

Joanne Skingley

I have been a patient of Dr Macdonald for over forty years and have always been treated well, had procedures explained to me in advance and generally have been satisfied with the service. Today I was seen by a new dentist who did not introduce himself when he came in, did not even say “Hello”, was very abrupt in his manner and then left without any comment to me. I was not happy about his manner at all. On a more upbeat note my hygienist Emily was great.

UPDATE: On Saturday evening Dr Macdonald called me personally to apologize for my experience of a few days prior. That is impressive! Not only does Dr Macdonald read these reviews he acts upon them quickly to rectify the situation. Because of his response I am changing my Quality assessment from Good to Excellent.

Mary Goodwin

A huge thanks for bringing this initiative to the Haldimand Youth Soccer families.

Often such acts of kindness are not heralded, we wished to extend our gratitude to Dr. Al, whom we had only first met on this visit and to your dedicated team who were most pleasant and very gracious in offering their time to make this a success. May you find great return and satisfaction of a job (….okay lots of jobs, lol) well done. This was an excellent representation of small town hospitality and just one of the reasons we love to call Haldimand ‘home’. Our boys thought the actual mold of their teeth was pretty cool too. Awesome idea. Now if they were half as interested in brushing their teeth this much – we’d really be ahead! Thank you again.


Melanie Loprieno

Being a near lifelong patient at Grand River dental I can attest to Dr Macdonald’s skills. The repairs have been very long lasting. In the early years it seemed as if I always had a needed repair. Hygiene was always stressed by Dr Macdonald over the years and I eventually began to comply and the dental work declined.

I like consistency and I find staff turn over high but there were some long term Hygienists that were very proficient and I at times miss their work.

I know Dr Macdonald has reduced his personal hours of work and I am sure his personal care to my teeth will be missed. I trust Dr Patel will continue with the care and knowledge I have been accustomed to. Thanks for the care. Regards,

Ed Earl

I used to be terrified of dentists, but not anymore! The staff at Dr. Macdonald’s office are very welcoming and make everyone feel comfortable. The care I was given changed the way I feel about dentistry entirely, I actually care now, and feel great about it.

Cynthia Cooper

Thank you to Dr. Macdonald and his staff for my beautiful smile.  I am looking forward to a career in the arts, so I think my great smile will be an asset.

Celia Roman










He is understanding of my nervousness

He is understanding of my nervousness He is so understanding of my nervousness. I have come here for many years and at age 85 have a mouth full of teeth. Also, the staff is very nice and good. Phylis Comfort

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The nurses are kind and caring

The nurses are kind and caring I like coming to see Dr. MacDonald because... "He always has a joke to tell. He has a Nintendo and the nurses are kind and caring about our teeth show up. Has a water fountain and a bunch of posters including a cool bear and a Good Kids...

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I like the way you help us with our teeth

I like the way you help us with our teeth I like coming to see Dr. Macdonald because... "You help us make our teeth shine and at the end of our check-up, we get to have a prize. And when you are waiting for your turn, you get to play with the video game which is fun...

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At age 85 have a mouth full of teeth

At age 85 have a mouth full of teeth He is so understanding of my nervousness. I have come here for many years and at age 85 have a mouth full of teeth. Also, staff is very nice and good.   Phylis Comfort

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Wearing braces at 57

Wearing braces at 57 Dr. Macdonald is an excellent dentist. He is caring, considerate and goes above and beyond. The staff is courteous. Jodi, the hygienist, is the best at her work. Starting to wear braces at 57 has been an easy transition thanks to the doctor and...

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I know it will be done right

I know it will be done right. I like coming to see Dr. Macdonald because of his expertise and professionalism in the field.  I feel confident in his judgment and I know it will be done right.   Kelsie Johnson

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Exceptional care

Exceptional care I like coming to see Dr. Macdonald because he and his staff are very professional; they make us feel like family and have provided us with exceptional care for many, many years.  Best of all, my parents, now in their 80´s both have all of their...

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Dr. Painless

Dr. Painless I like coming to see Dr. Macdonald because he has been my dentist since 1976. I refer to him as "Dr. Painless".  He is a consummate professional and up to date on his dentistry.  Finally, he is a devoted football fan and loves football officials.  ...

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A patient for 43 years

A patient for 43 years The staff is always friendly and professional and I have always been pleased with the work Dr. Macdonald has done on my teeth. I have been a patient of his for 43 years. Sandy Maxted

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