A partial denture is one or more replacement teeth supported by a metal frame. It is removable, and usually held in place in the mouth by metal clasps.

What to Expect

Before making the partial denture, any existing dental work that needs to be done to prepare will be completed. Multiple impressions and bite registrations are required to construct a partial denture. Once the partial denture is made, it will be inserted and adjusted so that it is comfortable, looks natural, and functions properly. Your partial denture will then be checked and adjusted if needed at your regular checkups. The entire process should be pain-free, and no anesthetic usually needs to be used.


Partial dentures allow you to regain the ability to chew normally, prevent teeth from shifting, and restore your smile and confidence. Partial dentures typically last 5 years, or even longer with proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits where they can be adjusted. It is important to care for the dentures by soaking them in a cleaning solution or water when you are not wearing them, brushing them with warm water, soap or denture paste and a soft brush between meals, and bringing your dentures to every cleaning appointment to be professionally cleaned.