Iodine and Oral Health

Iodine and Oral Health

Iodine has widely been used in the medical field due to its antiseptic properties, but now the use of iodine in dentistry is becoming increasingly prevalent. In fact, it’s now said that iodine can be more beneficial than fluoride when it comes to preventing tooth decay and gum disease. At Dr. MacDonald´s clinics, we take dental health seriously, which is why we want to raise awareness about the benefits of iodine.

Iodine and Oral Health
While the use of iodine in dental health has been used for more than 150 years, it has just now become more popular due to the increased knowledge of the role iodine deficiency plays in oral health. Iodine is a natural element that is needed in the body to maintain healthy thyroid function. Now, you may be wondering what your thyroid has to do with your oral health? The function of your thyroid can cause dental health complications. Iodine deficiency is directly linked to causing dental problems due to endocrine dysfunction. This can lead to dry mouth, which is known to increase the risk for cavities and gum disease.

In addition, inadequate amounts of iodine can lead to mouth breathing, a large swollen tongue and even bite complications, such as small jaws and anterior bite. All of these factors are known to lead to sleep apnea, which will require treatment from a dentist.  We want to see your entire body remain as healthy as possible, which is why we discuss the importance of adequate iodine levels. We take the time to educate you about methods you may need to take to protect your oral and overall health.

Iodine for Your Oral Health
Iodine is a naturally occurring element that can easily be achieved through a healthy and diverse diet. Since iodine derives from the ocean, seafood, seaweed and iodized salt contain plenty of iodine. In addition, vegetables grown in iron-rich soils can help with iodine intake. If you’re having difficulty increasing your iodine intake through diet, you may need iodine supplements. We can help you choose the best supplements to meet your needs.

Boost Your Dental Health
Dr. Alan Macdonald strives to ensure you maintain dental health. We encourage you to learn more about iodine and the role it plays in maintaining oral health. We take your family’s oral health seriously, which is why we include holistic approaches in our treatments.