Grinding teeth symptoms

Do you grind your teeth? Some symptoms of grinding are:

– A sore, tired jaw
– Sensitive teeth
– Loose teeth
– Earaches
– Neck aches
– Clicking sounds when you open your mouth
– Headaches
– Severely worn and chipped teeth

Although we often think teeth grinding happens in their sleep, it can happen at any time. Grinding your teeth is called bruxism. Stress is usually the most probable cause but often times the reason for the habit is unknown. When you grind your teeth you are causing much more damage then you realize. Teeth grinding can caused chipped enamel, worn-down teeth, cracked teeth, periodontal problems and damage to any work that has been already completed in your mouth. If action isn’t taken fast, bruxism may lead to jaw muscle or joint problems, some cases loss of teeth. The best treatment for grinding is a mouth guard. Bite adjustment, stress reduction, medication, and repairing damaged teeth may also be regarded. If you show signs of grinding your teeth

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