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Do you suffer from sleep apnea?

SLEEP APNEA AND SNORING AIRWAYS ANALYSIS IN OUR CLINICS IN CALEDONIA AND SIMCOE, ONTARIO There are many causes for sleep apnea and snoring and ways to treat it. Working together with you and your physician, our dental team can help you reduce sleep apnea, improve sleep and prevent snoring. What to Expect Our clinic provides you with options to help analyze the cause of your sleep apnea and snoring and assist in treating it through orthodontics to re-position the bite, a night guard to prevent grinding and clenching, a sleep apnea appliance, oral surgery, or other methods that will assist in opening the airway and allowing you to breathe better. Results You will have a better understanding of your condition and how to best treat it for your overall health. BREATHE BETTER, SLEEP BETTER: SLEEP APNEA APPLIANCES Treating sleep apnea can be accomplished through a variety of methods, including a CPAP machine or surgical procedures. But did you know that [...]

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What is air abrasion?

WHAT IS AIR ABRASION? Air abrasion is a gentle spray of an air and powder mixture that removes tooth decay. It is a fast, pain-free alternative to a typical dental drill to repair small cavities. It is recommended for very small cavities as it removes less of your natural tooth than a dental drill and can prevent micro-cracks from occurring. The procedure is virtually painless, as the dentist can control the speed and intensity of the powder and air stream, and usually requires no freezing. Besides fillings, air abrasion is also useful for repairing chipped, fractured, and worn teeth, preparing for cosmetic dentistry, removing stains and spots, repairing old fillings and sealants, children’s dentistry, and repairing broken crowns and bridges. What to Expect The procedure is almost always painless, and you will not require local anesthetic. A thin stream of abrasive powder is directed at the area of decay on the tooth to remove it without odour, noise or vibration [...]

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Improve your teeth with cosmetic whitening

COSMETIC WHITENING If yellowed or stained teeth are keeping you from looking and feeling your best, cosmetic whitening may be the answer you are looking for. Our clinics offer different types of whitening, including a custom bleaching kit, the Kor Whitening System and Liquid Smile whitening pens, which can all be done conveniently at home and provide beautiful, professional results. What to Expect At-home whitening is easy and fast. After regular brushing and flossing, the whitening pen or tray is applied as per the directions. Some side effects of whitening include sensitivity and irritation to teeth and gums, which can usually be alleviated by certain procedures and toothpastes designed to treat sensitive teeth. It is important to note that fillings, crowns, bridges and other artificial teeth will not be whitened and may need to be replaced to match the new shade of your teeth. Results You can expect to notice a whiter, brighter more confident smile in a few weeks, [...]

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Oral surgery types

ORAL SURGERY TYPES Our clinics offer a variety of oral surgeries, including bone grafting. Oral surgery can be required for many reasons including accidents, dental implants, advanced tooth decay, nerve death in the tooth, abscess of tooth or gum tissue, impaction (particularly of wisdom teeth), insufficient room for permanent teeth to erupt, insufficient space for orthodontic appliances, alleviation of periodontal pockets and certain gum disease, crown lengthening, and cosmetic gum lifts to improve a smile. What to Expect Local anesthetic will be given prior to the procedure so that it will be pain free, and sedation is available. You may feel tugging, pulling or pressure during the treatment. After treatment, you will be given pain medication and instructions on how to care for the area to avoid infection or improper healing. You will usually visit the clinic for one or more follow up appointments to remove stitches and check healing. Results Your mouth will function better and improve overall oral [...]

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Wisdom teeth and general extractions

WISDOM TEETH AND GENERAL EXTRACTIONS Wisdom teeth, which are commonly known to cause dental problems, are the last permanent teeth to erupt in a patients late teens or early twenties. Not everyone needs to have these teeth removed, but removal can take care of symptoms you currently have or prevent future problems. Some problems that can occur with wisdom teeth are gum infection and disease, tooth decay, root resorption, cysts and poor positioning in relation to your other teeth. It is recommended to remove them early because the older you are, the more formed the roots of these teeth become. Our clinics also offer extractions of other primary and permanent teeth if it is determined that they need to be removed. This can be done with local anesthetic and nitrous oxide. The need for extractions can be diagnosed at your regular dental cleaning appointments. What to Expect After taking x-rays, if it is decided if the wisdom teeth can be [...]

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Partial dentures, a good solution

PARTIAL DENTURES A partial denture is one or more replacement teeth supported by a metal frame. It is removable, and usually held in place in the mouth by metal clasps. What to Expect Before making the partial denture, any existing dental work that needs to be done to prepare will be completed. Multiple impressions and bite registrations are required to construct a partial denture. Once the partial denture is made, it will be inserted and adjusted so that it is comfortable, looks natural, and functions properly. Your partial denture will then be checked and adjusted if needed at your regular checkups. The entire process should be pain-free, and no anesthetic usually needs to be used. Results Partial dentures allow you to regain the ability to chew normally, prevent teeth from shifting, and restore your smile and confidence. Partial dentures typically last 5 years, or even longer with proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits where they can be adjusted. It [...]

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Here comes Santa Floss

As the holidays approach, you may be searching for a gift for a child, teacher, friend or family member. Why not give something that will help them keep their teeth and gums healthy in the coming year? For example, consider giving a child a bucket filled with a few child-sized toothbrushes and tubes of children's toothpaste. A cartoon-character towel and small bars of soap will encourage them to make that trip to the bathroom each night to care for their teeth when they wash up. Adults, especially those who like to travel, will make good use of a gift bag filled with travel-sized tubes of toothpaste, extra toothbrushes and dental floss. You might entice a teen to do a better job of cleaning his or her teeth in the coming year with a powered toothbrush and some plaque-disclosing tablets. Disclosing tablets, sold over the counter, are used after brushing and flossing. They produce a red stain that clings to plaque, [...]

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I know it will be done right

I like coming to see Dr. Macdonald because of his expertise and professionalism in the field.  I feel confident in his judgment and I know it will be done right.   Kelsie Johnson

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H2O for health: Alkaline water

What is Ionized Alkaline Water? Alkaline ionized water is water where ions have been produced by a process called electrolysis. Alkaline ionized water also has a more alkaline pH than most tap water. Some ionized alkaline water also contains calcium, both of which may be beneficial for oral health. Alkaline Ionized Water for pH Balance People drink alkaline ionized water because of its potential health benefits. Some experts believe the diet we eat creates an acid-base imbalance, and our bodies are too acidic. The thought is we can correct this imbalance and create a more neutral body pH by drinking ionized alkaline water. Some people also believe that the additional ions in ionized alkaline water “mop up” free radicals that can damage cells. Ionized Alkaline Water and Oral Health Can drinking ionized water improve dental health? Most people aren’t aware that what they eat and drink affects the dental enamel that covers their teeth and keeps them strong and hard. [...]

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Exceptional care for many years

I like coming to see Dr. Macdonald because he and his staff are very professional; they make us feel like family and have provided us with exceptional care for many, many years.  Best of all, my parents, now in their 80´s both have all of their teeth!  Thank you!   Rob Hardie

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