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A 7-year old boy says…

I like coming to see Dr. Macdonald because... "He is cool!"   Andrew, 7 years old

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Tracking sugar consumption

Sugar does not have an established recommended daily value, but it is recommended that you limit your daily consumption of it. This can be difficult to do, especially if you aren't sure how much sugar is in the foods you are eating. While most packaged foods come with a nutrition label that indicates how many grams of sugar are in that food, other foods you eat may not have this label. By learning how to obtain the sugar content of any food, you can feel confident in your ability to keep track of your daily sugar intake adequately. Step 1 Keep a notebook or pad of paper handy. Jot down the amount of sugar in each food or beverage you consume. Step 2 Check if there is a nutrition label. The amount of sugar found in the food is listed under the carbohydrates section of the label. Remember that the values shown on the food label are based on one [...]

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…she had the best teeth of any of her patients!

“I have been a patient of Dr. Al’s practice since back in the day when practicing dentistry was particularly closing to “practicing”. Our family has always been very pleased with the professional and personalized attention we have received. My daughter Kristina, who was an orthodontic patient of Dr. Macdonald’s, and who now resides in Toronto, tells me her Toronto Dentist informs her that she had the best teeth of any of her patients!” A.D. Lyall Read more testimonials by clicking here

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WEANING YOURSELF OFF THE SWEET STUFF Sugar-containing foods mostly provide empty calories and offer few nutritional benefits. If you are concerned about your weight or want to prevent health problems, weaning off of sugar could help you lose inches and get healthier. Just like quitting smoking, cutting out sugar is easier said than done because of its addictive nature. When you consume sugar in cake, cookies, ice cream, sodas or yogurt, it activates the same brain regions as other addictive substances like cocaine. *Tip Going cold turkey is the best approach to break the addiction and start improving your health! Sugar in Your Diet Before weaning yourself off of sugar, look at your diet to identify where sugar hides in all the different foods and beverages you consume. Read food labels and look not only for the word sugar, but also for sucrose, glucose, dextrose, fructose, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, evaporated cane juice, fruit juice concentrates, molasses and agave syrup. [...]

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8 EASY WAYS TO CUT DOWN ON SUGAR 1. Read food labels. If you buy a lot of packaged and processed foods, it's important to read labels of every packaged item you buy. Cracking a sugar addiction is hard enough when cutting out the stuff that you already know is loaded with it. Learn to recognize sugar's sneaky aliases, like high fructose corn syrup, dried cane syrup, molasses, sucrose, dextrose, agave, honey, and maple syrup, to name a few. Manufacturers love to hide sugar in foods that you wouldn't think have it. Bread, pasta, yogurt, kefir, salad dressing, almond milk, and even ketchup can be loaded with sugar. If the carbohydrates look a little high, it probably has more sugar than you realize. Take time to look at the ingredients as well as the sugar content and make an effort to choose foods and brands that have zero added sugar. 6-9 grams of sugar is the appropriate amount, and your [...]

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A sugar-free diet is one that typically limits all sources of added sugar (like soda, snack bars and desserts, for example) and hidden sugar foods, and it sometimes also encourages a reduction in high-carbohydrate foods (like grains or fruits) that can still be healthy but do contain natural sugars. There are lots of benefits to consuming more satisfying, nourishing foods in sugar’s place, such as lean proteins and healthy fats. Some of the benefits of reducing your sugar intake in place of eating more whole foods include: • Help with losing weight and preventing obesity • Lowered risk for type 2 diabetes or prediabetes • Gaining more energy • Having more stable moods • Reduced risk for inflammatory digestive conditions, such as irritable bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, candida, IBS and intolerance to wheat/gluten or FODMAP foods — many also notice less constipation, diarrhea, stomach bloating or acid reflux • When sugar contributes to obesity, a sugar-free diet lowers risk [...]

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Over the last year, sugar's effect on our health has been well documented in a constant stream of research. The sweet stuff is now food enemy number one and is to blame for far more than hyperactive children and tooth decay. This email is to inform you that we are launching a new challenge for our patients - The Sugar Challenge! We know how hard it is to cut sugar out so for the next 12 weeks you will be receiving one weekly article about how to completely avoid sugar in your diet. You are invited to give it a try! We offer support through our Facebook group. You are most welcome to join and tell us your struggles and steps to become sugar-free forever. Since it is a difficult challenge, we are going to be there for you to support every step of the way. When you join this support Facebook group, we hope you can also help us [...]

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Always explaining in terms that my children understand

I feel my family's needs are always met. Very courteous staff with great attention to detail. Always explaining in terms that my children understand, making a positive outcome possible. Very friendly staff.   Monika Graham

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FIX THE SMALL THINGS Chipped teeth should always be evaluated by a dentist to ensure the damage is assessed correctly. Depending on the size and location of the chip, there are a number of solutions available. • Enamel Shaping…A reshaping of the tooth to smooth the chip out • Bonding… A quick solution for small chips that can be done in one quick visit. The dentist bonds a tooth-colored agent to the chipped area to mask the chip. • Crowns… Crowns cover the chewing surface of a tooth and best suited for chips in the molars. They are custom fitted to your teeth. • Veneers… Custom made porcelain veneers are fitted to your teeth to cover imperfections. Contact us for a free evaluation.

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The staff is friendly and knowledgeable – Judy

“Dr. Alan Macdonald’s practice continues to be excellent! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable; always making sure that one’s visit is comfortable. They work efficiently and gently, preparing one for procedures, explaining when necessary, and continuing to care. I have in the past and continue to recommend this practice to others. I leave this office as a happy patient knowing that my dental health has been professionally addressed!” Judy Martin Read more testimonials by clicking here

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