H2O for health: Alkaline water

What is Ionized Alkaline Water? Alkaline ionized water is water where ions have been produced by a process called electrolysis. Alkaline ionized water also has a more alkaline pH than most tap water. Some ionized alkaline water also contains calcium, both of which may be beneficial for oral health. Alkaline Ionized Water for pH Balance People drink alkaline ionized water because of its potential health benefits. Some experts believe the diet we eat creates an acid-base imbalance, and our bodies are too acidic. The thought is we can correct this imbalance and create a more neutral body pH by drinking ionized alkaline water. Some people also believe that the additional ions in ionized alkaline water “mop up” free radicals that can damage cells. Ionized Alkaline Water and Oral Health Can drinking ionized water improve dental health? Most people aren’t aware that what they eat and drink affects the dental enamel that covers their teeth and keeps them strong and hard. [...]