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Root canal therapy is a way to remove infected soft tissue inside the tooth (known as the pulp) due to trauma or bacterial decay. Some patients may experience sensitivity to hot, and cold, pain, swelling or no symptoms at all prior to having a root canal. What to Expect Root canal therapy consists of removing inflamed or infected pulp from the tooth, filling the spaces with a rubber-like substance that acts as a permanent bandage, and restoring the top, or crown, of the tooth to prevent damage and infection. This procedure is pain-free (with the use of local anesthetic) and sedation is available. You may be given pain medication and antibiotics, as the area can be tender for a few days while it heals. Results Root canal therapy stops the infection, prevents it from spreading into the bone and causing bone loss, and allows you to keep your natural tooth without pain. Approximately 95% of teeth respond to normal root [...]

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Everyone is always so happy and pleasant

Everyone is always so happy and pleasant. Always has something new to try and lots of freebies.   Patty and Peter

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Going to the dentist may be a relatively modern phenomenon, but did you know that people have been using toothpaste since about 500 B.C.? Back then, the ancient Greeks would use a mixture that contained iron rust and coral powder to clean their teeth. Toothbrushes, meanwhile, were bunches of tree twigs that people would chew on. Luckily, dental care has advanced slightly since then, and we’ve now got many different tools at our disposal to help us take care of our teeth. You rely on your teeth daily to help you eat. Knowing a little more about them and how your behaviors affect your dental health can help you take better care, and keep you smiling long into the future. 1. Your teeth are uniquely yours. Your teeth are like your fingerprint: They are uniquely yours. This is why dental records are sometimes used to identify human remains. Even identical twins do not have identical teeth. Bonus fact: Your tongue [...]

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…he tells me what he is doing when performing any procedures in my mouth

I like coming to see Dr. Macdonald because he tells me what he is doing when performing any procedures in my mouth.   Michelle Lariviere

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Why does Dr. Alan Macdonald recommend daily flossing? 90% of tooth decay occurs between the teeth, flossing can prevent this decay. That is because flossing is a vitally important part of your oral hygiene routine. By removing plaque that accumulates between your teeth, flossing aids in the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque consists of bacteria that can attack your teeth and gums. When brushing your teeth you only reach about 60 % of the tooth surface. Flossing ensures that you reach the remaining areas. To learn more about flossing and techniques send us an email to indicating that you would dare to take the Flossing Challenge.

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Cavities, which are decayed areas of the teeth, are one of the most common oral health problems faced around the world. If not treated, cavities can cause infection, toothache and ultimately total tooth loss. It is important to your overall health to maintain a healthy smile. Here are six symptoms to watch out for. Bad Breath If tooth decay is ignored, bacteria will increase, leading to bad breath. When you start noticing bad breath and you are brushing your teeth and tongue regularly, you should visit your dentist to check for the possibility of cavities. Bad Taste Gargle with mouthwash and brush your teeth and tongue to rid the bad taste in your mouth. But if you notice a chronic bad taste, get your teeth checked out as it may be a sign that a cavity needs to be cleaned out and filled. Tooth Pain Tooth pain is often associated with a cavity. The pain is usually evident if the [...]

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Dr. MacDonald is very professional, extremely knowledgeable and does his very best to make your experience as comfortable and painless as possible. He also has a great personality and truly cares about the well-being of his patients. Jodi is also terrific in all her various roles! Our family has been coming here for over 30 years and hope Dr. Macdonald does not retire for a long time. Lynn Pare

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Teeth can form cavities when sugar combines with bacteria in the mouth to form acid, which weakens the enamel when proper flossing and brushing is not done to remove it. These cavities can continue to grow in size, and even become painful, if not detected and ‘filled’. In our office, we offer tooth-colored restorations rather than the traditional silver amalgam filling. These restorations are strongly bonded, wear-resistant composite fillings that are able to restore decayed teeth. Read more

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If taking a bite of ice cream or having a sip of a hot cup of coffee causes you pain then you might have sensitive teeth. Sometimes the painful sensation is a result of a cavity or crack, but more often than not it is caused by worn enamel or an exposed tooth root. One of the best ways you can prevent your teeth from being sensitive is it to make sure you are brushing correctly. Brushing too vigorously can retract the gums and expose the sensitive part of the tooth making to the tooth even more sensitive. If you have sensitive teeth your dentist will have a number of treatment options for you. Your dentist may provide or inform you of desensitizing toothpaste, it will over a few brushes, help block the transmission of painful sensations from the tooth’s surface to the root. There are also several in-office treatments that may be useful to strengthen your enamel. If you [...]

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Missing teeth can cause serious problems, and not just with your appearance. The shape of your face and jaw can change, your remaining teeth can drift out of place, and you may have trouble eating certain foods or speaking clearly. Dental implants are permanent replacements that mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. They enhance the appearance of your smile and improve speech and they are an ideal replacement for loose- fitting dentures. Dental implants can give you the confidence and healthy smile you have always wanted. Call us today to book a consultation to find out if they are right for you!

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