DENTAL HYGIENE – CLEANINGS (in Caledonia and Simcoe, Ontario) It is important for your dental health to visit our office at least every 6 months, or as directed, for a dental hygiene appointment. This allows your teeth and gums to be thoroughly examined by the dentist, and any problems can be caught early so that they can be fixed, minimizing pain and expense. Teeth cleanings are essential to maintain excellent gum health, as well as improve heart and overall health. What to Expect During your dental hygiene appointment, the hygienist will clean your teeth by scaling to remove plaque and tartar, polishing, and flossing. This will help prevent periodontal disease and remove stains on the teeth. X-rays may be taken if required to help diagnose any problem areas and keep track of changes to your mouth between appointments. Dental hygiene instruction will also be given to teach you how take the best possible care of your mouth. Results You will [...]